Vaccination for Animals

Now you already know that us humans aren’t the only ones who get vaccinated all the time. This also includes your pets and animals that live in the wild. This has been one of the biggest controversies of all surrounding the use of vaccinations on animals. Of course you will already know why people get vaccinated because they don’t want to get diseases that are contagious. Some of the biggest diseases that animals got the most were canine distemper, canine parvo, and feline panleukopenia. Today, these diseases are less frequent with the intense efforts by the veterinary profession to vaccinate against them. As you’ve seen so far, it was a battle to kill the disease in animals and make them healthier.                     


 Vaccination for animals began in the 1950s when veterinarians began using vaccines on only dogs because they were suffering from rabbies the most than any or pet or animal. As time went on, the number of cases involving human rabies decreased. Vaccination really helped decrased or eliminate the incidence of some diseases. In fact, vaccine is so widespread today that veterinary practices would send reminder cards to their clients so they can schedule appointments for their pets. The clients would come in based solely on their vaccination schedule. They say the vaccines work best on healthy, unstressed animals. Unfortunately, the process takes nearly a week for the body to produce its response to the vaccine. 

Some of the vaccinations are sometimes given as eye or nose drops. The vaccines are actually following the natural route of infection of respiratory diseases. The immune response can actually produce much quicker because the wait can only take 72 hours or 3 days, which helps it last longer. Remember, vaccines won’t help sick animals fell better, but it can cure diseases or prevent animals from becoming infected with the disease organism. It also prevents serious illness if the vaccine is given far enough of the diseases exposure for the animal’s immune system to produce a quicker before too much damage is done. Although there is still controversy over it, it’s up to us humans to make sure our pets or wild animals to care for them because ignoring them could end up giving them a desease and possibly killing them. So please, make sure to be paying attention to your pet than something else because they are also important as well. 

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